wb auth


wb-auth - Commands to manage user credentials.


wb auth [COMMAND]


The Workbench CLI authenticates users with the Google OAuth 2.0 installed application flow.

Only one user can be logged in at a time. Call wb auth login to login as a different user. You don’t need to login again after switching workspaces.

You will need to login again after switching servers, because different Workbench deployments may have different OAuth flows.

By default, the CLI opens a browser window for the user to click through the OAuth flow. For some use cases (e.g. CloudShell, notebook VM), this is not practical because there is no default (or any) browser on the machine. The CLI has a browser option that controls this behavior: wb config set browser MANUAL means the user can copy the URL into a browser on a different machine (e.g. their laptop), complete the login prompt, and then copy/paste the response token back into the shell prompt.


  • login Authorize the CLI to access Workbench APIs and data with user credentials.
  • revoke Revoke credentials from an account.
  • status Print details about the currently authorized account.

Last Modified: 1 January 0001