wb config get


wb-config-get - Get a configuration property value.


wb config get [COMMAND]


Get a configuration property value.


  • app-launch Check the way apps are launched.
  • aws-vault-path Get the location of aws-vault executable.
  • browser Check whether a browser is launched automatically during the login process.
  • cache-with-aws-vault Get whether aws-vault is used for caching.
  • default-resource-id Get the ID of resource to treated as default.
  • format Get the default output format option.
  • image Get the Docker image used for launching applications.
  • logging Get the logging level.
  • resource-limit Get the maximum number of resources allowed per workspace.
  • server Get the Workbench server the CLI connects to.
  • wb-path Get the location of wb executable.
  • workspace Get the current Workbench workspace.

Last Modified: 1 January 0001