wb pod create aws


wb-pod-create-aws - Create a new AWS pod.


wb pod create aws [–set-default] –authentication-google-jwt-audience=<authenticationGoogleJwtA _ udience>_ [–description=<description>] –discovery-bucket-name=<discoveryBucketName> –discovery-bucket-region=<discoveryBucketRegion> –discovery-role-arn=<discoveryRoleArn> [–format=<format>] –group-name=<groupName> –id=<id> –org=<id>


Create a new AWS pod.


  • –authentication-google-jwt-audience=<authenticationGoogleJwtAudience>
    The Google JWT audience for authentication with AWS.

  • –description=<description>
    Description for the pod.

  • –discovery-bucket-name=<discoveryBucketName>
    The AWS discovery bucket name.

  • –discovery-bucket-region=<discoveryBucketRegion>
    The AWS discovery bucket region.

  • –discovery-role-arn=<discoveryRoleArn>
    The AWS discovery role ARN.

  • –format=<format>
    Set the format for printing command output: JSON, TEXT. Defaults to the config format property.

    Default: null
  • –group-name=<groupName>
    Pod group name.

  • –id=<id>
    Pod ID (unique).

  • –org, –organization=<id>
    Organization ID (unique).

  • –set-default
    Optionally set this pod as the default for the organization.

    Default: false

Last Modified: 1 January 0001