wb resource


wb-resource - Manage references and controlled resources in the workspace.


wb resource [COMMAND]


Workbench contains two types of cloud resources within workspaces: controlled and referenced resources.

A controlled resource is a cloud resource that is managed by Workbench. Used for shared project storage and Workbench-controlled analysis environments.

A reference points to an external cloud resource that is not managed by Workbench. Used for input data references, or shared cloud resources that are managed outside of Workbench.

The check-access command lets you see whether you have access to a particular resource. This is useful to ensure your account has access to all input data required for an analysis.

The list of resources in a workspace is maintained on the Workbench Workspace Manager server (and the CLI caches this list of resources locally). Third-party tools can access resource details via environment variables (e.g. for a resource named mybucket, the $WORKBENCH_mybucket env variable will be populated with the bucket URL).


Last Modified: 1 January 0001