wb resource create s3-storage-folder


wb-resource-create-s3-storage-folder - Add a controlled AWS S3 Storage Folder.


wb resource create s3-storage-folder [–access=<access>] [–cloning=<cloning>] [–description=<description>] [–folder-name=<folderName>] [–format=<format>] [–region=<region>] [–workspace=<id>] (–id=<id>)


Add a controlled AWS S3 Storage Folder.


  • –access=<access>
    Access scope for the resource: SHARED_ACCESS, PRIVATE_ACCESS.

    Default: SHARED_ACCESS
  • –cloning=<cloning>
    Instructions for handling when cloning the workspace: COPY_NOTHING, COPY_DEFINITION, COPY_RESOURCE, COPY_REFERENCE, COPY_LINK_REFERENCE.

    Default: COPY_RESOURCE
  • –description=<description>
    Description of the resource.

  • –folder-name=<folderName>
    Name of the S3 Storage Folder, without the prefix. (e.g. ‘my-folder’, not ‘s3://my-folder’). If not provided, a unique folder name will be generated.

  • –format=<format>
    Set the format for printing command output: JSON, TEXT. Defaults to the config format property.

    Default: null
  • –id=<id>
    ID of the resource, scoped to the workspace. Only use letters, numbers, dashes, and underscores.

  • –region=<region>
    The AWS region of the S3 Storage Folder (https://docs.aws.amazon.com/general/latest/gr/s3.html).

    Default: us-east-1
  • –workspace=<id>
    Workspace id to use for this command only.

Last Modified: 1 January 0001