wb resource update git-repo


wb-resource-update-git-repo - Update a Git Repo.


wb resource update git-repo [–format=<format>] [–new-cloning=<cloning>] [–new-description=<newDescription>] [–new-id=<newId>] [–new-repo-url=<newRepoUrl>] [–workspace=<id>] (–id=<id>)


Update a Git Repo.


  • –format=<format>
    Set the format for printing command output: JSON, TEXT. Defaults to the config format property.

    Default: null
  • –id=<id>
    ID of the resource, scoped to the workspace. Only use letters, numbers, dashes, and underscores.

  • –new-cloning=<cloning>
    Instructions for handling when cloning the workspace: COPY_NOTHING, COPY_DEFINITION, COPY_RESOURCE, COPY_REFERENCE for controlled resources; COPY_NOTHING or COPY_REFERENCE for referenced resources.

  • –new-description=<newDescription>
    New description of the resource.

  • –new-id=<newId>
    New ID of the resource. Only alphanumeric and underscore characters are permitted.

  • –new-repo-url=<newRepoUrl>
    New git repo url, it can be either https or ssh url.

  • –workspace=<id>
    Workspace id to use for this command only.

Last Modified: 1 January 0001