wb workspace


wb-workspace - Setup a Workbench workspace.


wb workspace [COMMAND]


Setup a Workbench workspace.


  • add-user Add a user or group to the workspace.
  • break-glass Grant break-glass access to a workspace user.
  • configure-aws Generate an AWS configuration file for a workspace.
  • create Create a new workspace.
  • delete Delete an existing workspace.
  • delete-property Delete the workspace properties.
  • describe Describe the existing workspace.
  • duplicate duplicate an existing workspace.
  • list List all workspaces the current user can access.
  • list-users List the users of the workspace.
  • remove-user Remove a user or group from the workspace.
  • set Set the workspace to an existing one.
  • set-property Set the workspace properties.
  • update Update an existing workspace.

Last Modified: 1 January 0001