Architecture Overview

Overview of the software architecture

High-level architecture

This document provides an overview of the Verily Workbench architecture. Workbench provides strong isolation and flexibility for customer data and compute resources.

Workbench consists of two major components:

  • The control plane provides central services and orchestration, including providing the Workbench UI. It is managed by Verily.
  • The analysis plane is where all customer analysis occurs, inside customer-managed workspaces.
Diagram showing relationship among users and applications, control planes, analysis planes, and external data
Verily Workbench high-level architecture

Control plane

Control plane refers to a set of services that enable the user to interact with Workbench, including the UI, CLI, and all the orchestration that goes into managing the resources in the analysis plane. These services are managed by Verily directly. The control plane ensures user isolation through industry standard practices and access control.

When a user requests to create a resource (e.g., a storage bucket or a compute instance) in their workspace, their request goes to the control plane which creates the resource in the user workspace.

Graphic showing examples of control plane services, including web application, user management, cloud resource management, and policy management
Verily Workbench control plane

Analysis plane

Analysis plane refers to the cloud environment which includes user workspaces and all the resources within them. Workbench supports analysis planes on AWS and GCP, providing access to the user’s choice of cloud-specific services.

Users can create controlled resources, including storage and compute, in their workspaces. They can also access referenced resources that reside outside their workspace.

By default, workspaces are created in a collaborative multi-tenant Verily-managed analysis plane. Customers are also able to use customer-managed single-tenant analysis planes if they want to add a second layer of isolation, in exchange for some amount of extra operational overhead.

Graphic showing examples of analysis plane environment resources, including various controlled resource types on Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services
Verily Workbench analysis plane

Last Modified: 10 June 2024