Troubleshooting issues with your Verily Workbench configuration.

This article lists some troubleshooting tips.

Workbench CLI

Check and set the current workspace

Especially if you have created multiple workspaces, it is useful to double-check your current workspace before you run any Workbench CLI commands that affect it (such as creating a new resource).

Run terra status to see information about your current workspace. If one is not set, or if you want to change workspaces, run:

terra workspace set --id=<your-workspace-id>

Note: You can also find the command above listed on the Overview page for a given workspace in the Verily Workbench web UI.

To see a list of your workspaces and their IDs, run:

terra workspace list

Clear context

If you appear to be having credentials-related issues, it may help to clear the context file and all credentials. This will require you to log in and select a workspace again.

cd $HOME/.terra
rm context.json
rm StoredCredential

You’ll then need to rerun terra auth login, and select a workspace as described above.

Manual uninstall of the Workbench CLI

There is not yet an uninstaller. You can clear the entire context directory, which includes the context file, all credentials, and all JARs. You will then need to re-install.

rm -R $HOME/.terra

Last Modified: 16 November 2023