wb-pod-create-aws - Create a new AWS pod.


wb pod create aws [--set-default] --authentication-google-jwt-audience=<authenticationGoogleJwtA _ udience>_ [--description=<description>] --discovery-bucket-name=<discoveryBucketName> --discovery-bucket-region=<discoveryBucketRegion> --discovery-role-arn=<discoveryRoleArn> [--format=<format>] --id=<id> --org=<id>


Create a new AWS pod.



The Google JWT audience for authentication with AWS.


Description for the pod.


The AWS discovery bucket name.


The AWS discovery bucket region.


The AWS discovery role ARN.


Set the format for printing command output: JSON, TEXT. Defaults to the config format property.

Default: null

Pod ID (unique).

--org, --organization=<id>

Organization ID (unique).


Optionally set this pod as the default for the organization.

Default: false

Last Modified: 1 January 0001